How to get a European Passport

  • How to get a European Passport

    Here is a golden chance to get a second passport for your travel needs and upgrade your living standard in region where the quality of life exceeds your expectations.  Danburite provides passport solution for business groups and individuals across the globe.

    We can assist you to get the passports of the following countries!

    1. Switzerland
    2. United states of America
    3. Canada
    4. Cyprus
    5. St. kitts & Nevis island
    6. Dominica
    7. Dominican republic
    8. Malta
    9. Monaco
    10. Spain

    Our immigration lawyers are expertise in the industry and working on the job for more than 25 years. We will make sure the compliance procedures before taking any advance payment towards the process. The eligibility criteria are essential to determine the time frame and other detailed requirements. We are also arranging work permits for the following countries;-

    1. USA
    2. UK
    3. ITALY
    4. Canada
    5. Austria
    6. Switzerland
    7. Spain
    8. Greece

    Our business consultants will review your documents before proceeding to immigration lawyers. Please feel free to Contact us on  Contact : 568080091, Email :




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