Permit for working 24 hours in Sharjah

  • Permit for working 24 hours in Sharjah

    The companies are eligible to run the operation of business during normal work-schedule whereas on a special request the companies can work up to 24 hours in Sharjah. Any company needs permit to work in the company after 8 hours of normal working hours are to follow the procedures.

    1. Security approval from Sharjah Police
    2. Permit from SED in Sharjah

    The required documents for the same:-

    1. Passport, visa and emirates id of partners or owners of the company
    2. Immigration card of the company
    3. Tenancy contract of the company
    4. Cameral installations and certificates
    5. Camera or security device contract with company
    6. Copy of licensing from system management company

    These documents to be produced to prepare the security approval before submitting for the permit from SED


    1. The fee for the government is AED 1,000
    2. Typing charges 105 AED

    Once you have the approval, you can integrate with license by applying for the permit in SED. Danburite provides assistance to get permit to operate the business for 24 hours. For immediate assistnace +971568080092 

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