Potential Business in Sharjah and Dubai

  • Potential Business in Sharjah and Dubai

    Potential business in Dubai

    There are plenty of business opportunities in Dubai associated with the upcoming Expo 2020.  As a leading business consultant in the region of Dubai we can recommend some easiest and low budget business ideas which worth doing and making money.

    The investment model is again depending on the nature of business. However, online portal management companies selling luxury brand’s products and services are not required huge capital. Initially companies can have tie up with suppliers which essentially need to link with potential buyers in the maket. Finding potential clients or individual for luxury products is easy in Dubai as the network help us to do the same in a professional way.

    To become a legally registered entity, you have to follow the company formation procedures and steps. Any company that are legally registered at competent authority will help you to buy and sell anything in the market. Danburite is a para legal service provider in the market to identify the right fit business for you to register and run it.

    Fast moving businesses

    1.          Unique food and beverage
    2.          Luxury brand products
    3.          Electronic gadgets, phones, notes etc.

    Since we are leaders in the market we can identify the best fit model of business that works in line with the budget of investors from across the globe. We do not have any restrictions for any nationalities for doing the business but subject to approval by case to case.

    The minimum budget needed to start a business in Duabai

    The budget required for starting a company in Dubai start from 1000$ but it depends on the volume, number of staffs, activity and extention etc. The government of Dubai is very supportive for all upcoming business ventures.


Business set up in Abu Dhabi
A limited liability company (L.L.C) is a popular legal structure for setting up a local business in UAE. A LLC setup in Abu Dhabi can be formed with 49% shareholding of foreign partner whereas 51% shareholding has to be in favour of a local U.A.E resident.
How To Start A New Business In The Emirate Of Abu Dhabi