Transport company license in Sharjah

  • Transport company license in Sharjah

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    Business in Sharjah becomes easy through the dedicated services provided by Danburite Corporate Services. The processes related to set up a transport company starts from the approval from RTA department.

    The Transfer of License or new License – Eligibilities 

    1. The license issued only in the name of UAE national
    2. The concerned person should not hold any similar license
    3. The UAE national should be from Sharjah
    4. Need to obtain NOC from RTA
    5. RTA regulations are to be followed for their approval.

    The importance of setting of a transport company and services in sharjah is due to the population put up in the region working in Dubai and they need transport services. The legal way is only to have a car or passenger Transport Company registered in Sharjah can pick them to Dubai or any destination as they required.

    There are so many transport companies legally provide services to passenger from Sharjah to Dubai and this is the responsibility of all passengers to ensure the legality of service provider company.

    Business set up services is required to set up transport license in Sharjah. We can provide PRO services, Visa services, labour & immigration services in Sharjah. We are legally registered agents in major government authorities, free zones and offshore jurisdictions.

    Our services include :

    1. Business set up
    2. Company formation – all types
    3. Legal structuring and restructuring of companies and legal system
    4. Management consultations
    5. Business consultations
    6. Legal offices
    7. Arranging local sponsors
    8. PRO services to all government sectors

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