General Partnership firm in Sharjah

General Partnership firm in Sharjah

Setting up of a General Partnership Firm in Sharjah is an easy process as professional consultants from Danburite Corporate can assist and guide you in a proper channel. General Partnership consists of two or more partners who hold a joint responsibility for all the firm’s liabilities and activities. This is only confined to UAE nationals because the partners are responsible towards the liabilities of the firm by their assets unlike expats or foreigners as their assets are usually abroad. As per the statutory order, all joint partners in GPC type of firms should be citizens of the UAE. For setting up a General partnership firm in Sharjah, certain formalities to be authenticated.

1. Licensing from the Department of Licenses to establish the company according to the activity mentioned in the application (Preliminary approval).
2. Registration of the Memorandum of association at the Ministry of Economy.
3. Memorandum of association of the company authenticated by the Notary Public.
4. The officer then shall receive and validate the documents duly submitted and forward the application to the Registration and Licensing Section for the issuance of License and Trade Register.

The services Danburite Corporate offers in Sharjah

  • Company Formation in Sharjah
  • Agreements drafting and amendment
  • Shares record amendments
  • PRO service for Labor and immigration in Sharjah
  • Activity adding & removal
  • Feasibility study report for Companies in Sharjah
  • Business Plan
  • Organizing exclusive meetings
  • Accounts & Auditing service in Sharjah
  • Renewal of license in Sharjah

Our Complimentary services include

  • Free bank account opening in Sharjah and other Emirates
  • Free legal consultation in Sharjah

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