Is virtual office legal?

  • Is virtual office legal?

    Is virtual office legal?

    The virtual offices are becoming legal when the tenancy contract and Ejari of the location is legally registered with RERA and remains active throughout the year, with a physical presence.

    Validity of the Virtual office in Dubai & Sharjah Validity of any office is required to keep for an year but an office with validity less than year should seek alternative offices.

    Cost of Virtual offices The cost of such virtual offices will be approximately AED 25000 year. This has a facility to convert as a shared office as well. The concept of shared office is widely used and applied throughout the emirates to cut short the initial overhead cost incurred over the company. The cost of shared office in business center costs minimum 6000 AED per month in Dubai and which will be an aggregate amount of AED 72000.
    Clients can save an amount of 47000 AED approximately by procuring a shared or virtual office. Where the virtual offices are available? Mostly such types of offices are available almost in all areas. Danburite Corporate Team can arrange efficient consultancy with preferred partners and associates in the field of real estate to arrange the same. Office Inspection Office inspection shall be conducted as required by Ministry of Labor, Department of Economic Department, and immigration office Municipality etc. The job shall be executed in a transparent manner as long as the presence of physical office is remaining.
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