Public Share Holding Company In Sharjah

Public Share Holding Company In Sharjah

Danburite Corporate provides custom solutions to those businesses who are planning to start a public Shareholding Company in Sharjah. Public shareholding company (PJSC) must have a minimum capital of AED 10,000,000 and at least ten founding members who are UAE Nationals, owning between 20% and 40% of In Public Shareholding Company, the capital is divided into equal shares, in such companies the shareholder’s liability is limited by the number of shares. In addition to that, the Chairman and majority of the Directors in a public shareholding company must be UAE national and should hold at least 51% of the shares. In general, banking, insurance or financial sectors run as public share holding companies. The business’s name cannot include the name of any of the shareholders and should instead reflect its activity. In all cases, however, the phrase "Public Shareholding Company" must be attached to the business name. Setting up a Publish Shareholding Company in Sharjah is no longer a herculean task, as Danburite Corporate has a pool of professionals who find the people who are willing to be different stake holders of a company.

1. Licensing from the Department of Licenses to establish the company according to the activity mentioned in the application (Preliminary approval).
2. Registration of the Memorandum of association at the Ministry of Economy.
3. Memorandum of association of the company authenticated by the Notary Public.
4. The officer then shall receive and validate the documents duly submitted and forward the application to the Registration and Licensing Section for the issuance of License and Trade Register.

The services Danburite Corporate offers in Sharjah

  • Prepare detailed corporate documentation (MOA, POA, AOA etc) in Sharjah
  • Fulfill obligatory management protocols
  • Account maintenance and verification in Sharjah
  • Arrangement of registered working space with all the amenities as per specification
  • Provision of appropriate level of man power where required
  • Personalized office combo services in Sharjah
  • We arrange reliable local sponsors or local service agents for the entities
  • We engage expert legal and auditing professionals
  • Company registration amendments
  • Feasibility study report & Business Plan in Sharjah
  • Organizing exclusive meetings with authorities
  • Renewal of License in Sharjah
  • Accounts & Auditing service
  • All sort of PR services (Ministry of Labor & Immigration etc) in Sharjah

Our Complimentary services include

  • Free bank account opening in Sharjah and other Emirates
  • Free legal consultation in Sharjah

Looking to setup a business in the Sharjah? We offers a variety of licenses for your business activities

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