Rep.Office of Foreign Company in sharjah

Rep.Office of Foreign Company in Sharjah

In Sharjah, foreign companies are allowed to commence their liaison or representative offices as per the license granted. Being the leader in business consulting and documentation in Sharjah , Danburite Corporate assists companies to open their representative office in different emirates of UAE. In fact, representative office function as an administrative and marketing centre of a foreign company. A representative or liaison office in Sharjah has limitation in promoting its parent company’s activities. This means that a representative office is only permitted to perform such activities as collecting data, soliciting orders, and marketing projects to be performed by the company’s headquarters.

Representative office is also limited in the number of employees that they sponsor usually three to four. As we have helped setting up of 100 of represent or liaison office in Sharjah for foreign companies, we know the best practices and right steps to get your liaison office in Sharjah.While each Emirate has its own licensing rules for representative offices, Danburite Corporate Service assists companies to get approval from the Department of Economic Development of the Sharjah .

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