Permit for working 24 hours in Sharjah

  • Permit for working 24 hours in Sharjah

    Feb 18 2019 05:16 AM

    The companies are eligible to run the operation of business during normal work-schedule whereas on a special request the companies can work up to 24 hours in Sharjah. Any company needs permit to work in the company after 8 hours of normal working hours are to follow the procedures.

    1. Security approval from Sharjah Police
    2. Permit from SED in Sharjah

    The required documents for the same:-

    1. Passport, visa and ... Read More


    Jan 25 2018 02:00 AM


    Many people come to UAE on visit visa or tourist visa and choose not to return to their home countries. Some of them who has residence or employment visa stays back in UAE beyond the visa expiry without cancelling it. Overstaying in UAE can cause serious consequences. This article is to provide basic information about rules and regulations related to overstay in UAE


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    Aug 05 2018 01:35 AM

    Freelancing is completely legal in the United Arab Emirates. Freelancing means working for yourself as an independent contractor. In this case, you are establishing yourself as One-person Company.


    Easy and Fast Setup

    You can apply for the free zone license through Department of Economic Development (DED) or through any of the free zones in UAE. The application process is easy and the license will ... Read More


    Jan 11 2018 09:26 AM


    The employees working in the private sector can work for another companies, provided they have secured temporary work permits from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation.

     The ministry announced that the employee can obtain a temporary work permit whereby he/she can work for another company or establishment on an interim basis as per the law. The employer can move the employee from a company to another if both ... Read More


    Aug 05 2018 01:34 AM


    We provide liquidation services for all companies such as limited liability companies, free zone companies and offshore companies across UAE. We recommend to wind up the company if which is not in use for avoiding complications in the future.
    The company can close at any time but which will not be waived from fees to governm ... Read More

    How to get a European Passport

    Nov 15 2017 05:04 AM

    Here is a golden chance to get a second passport for your travel needs and upgrade your living standard in region where the quality of life exceeds your expectations.  Danburite provides passport solution for business groups and individuals across the globe.

    We can assist you to get the passports of the following countries!

    1. Switzerland
    2. United states of America
    3. Canada
    4. Cypr ... Read More

    Potential Business in Sharjah and Dubai

    Nov 04 2017 03:23 AM

    Potential business in Dubai

    There are plenty of business opportunities in Dubai associated with the upcoming Expo 2020.  As a leading business consultant in the region of Dubai we can recommend some easiest and low budget business ideas which worth doing and making money.

    The investment model is again depending on the nature of business. However, online portal management companies selling luxury brand’s products and services are not required huge ca ... Read More


    Oct 02 2017 12:46 AM


    The activity is in a conflict at the moment under department of economic development. The business set up company cannot consult the activity of the business as per the list of calssifications given them as which may be taken for several approvals from inspection, trade name and up to issuance officer. 

    The rigth fit activity seems to be or advised to go with sale of ... Read More

    License in warehouse

    Feb 20 2016 04:05 AM

    Office for commercial purpose

    Sharjah requires commercial lease documents of an office to fulfill the procedures with regards to the set up of a company in Sharjah. The commercial office can be up to first floor of the building and rest is depending on the approvals from concerned authority. 

    Office rent in Sharjah

    Warehouse can also used to set up the business but a warehouse cannot help the investors to set up their ... Read More

    Transport company license in Sharjah

    Oct 02 2017 12:57 AM

    Trasport company license in Sharjah - Contact  00971568080092 for more info

    Business in Sharjah becomes easy through the dedicated services provided by Danburite Corporate Services. The processes related to set up a transport company starts from the approval from RTA department.

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    Approved Consultancies in Sharjah

    Oct 02 2017 01:43 AM

    Approved Consultancies in Sharjah

    Danburite Corporate is a leading Management Consultancies in Sharjah.  Today we boast of an impeccable record in business management area. We are approved and registered consultancy in Sharjah Municipality, Sharjah Economic development department, Ministry of health in Sharjah, KHDA ... Read More

    Trade license renewal in sharjah

    Oct 02 2017 01:40 AM

    Trade License renwal in Sharjah

    We take up complete assignments such as government approvals in Sharjah, renewal of trade license in sharjah, and PRO services in SharjahThe renewal process of Sharjah licenses re ... Read More

    Procedures for Sharjah Municipality approval

    Oct 02 2017 01:47 AM

    Sharjah Municipality approvals

    The formation of companies in Sharjah needs approvals from Sharjah Muncipality if those companies are looking for any sort of approvals for contracting, health related, construction etc. Ministry of Health under sharjah municipality plays a vital role to govern the approvals to various ca ... Read More

    Sharjah free zones to support new initiatives

    Oct 02 2017 01:48 AM

    LLC is the most common Company formation in Sharjah. Lower operating cost and no specific capital requirement is the main advantage of Sharjha free Zone , this attracts people to sharjah for starting their new business in Sharjah.

    The Free Zones in Sharjah are cost effective in registration and liberal in issuance of residence visas. The Emirate of Sharjah has created two Fr ... Read More

    Business in Sharjah Airport

    Oct 02 2017 01:54 AM

    Business in Sharjah Airport

    There are multiple openings to start business in the Sharjah Airport. The airport authority of Sharjah provides office for business in sharjah Airport. SHJ refers to sharjah airport and whic ... Read More


    Aug 05 2018 01:37 AM

    This is the part of legal compliance to have the Trade license renewed every year. The trade license renewal affects and helps your corporate transactions smooth. There are different ways to renew the company.
     A company registered in the emirates of Dubai , Sharjah or any other emirates needs to have a proper office which is registered in Real Estate R ... Read More

    Free Zone company Set up

    Oct 03 2017 12:52 AM

    Free zone is the ideal place to start a business in UAE for expats. The free zone company set up will become relevant only when the nature of business meets the purpose of business plan.

    There are numerous free zone all over UAE and regulation of free zone authority emphasis purpose of each free zone. An investor must decide the objective of setting up a company in the free zone. For example an investor needs to set up a company in Dubai Airport F ... Read More

    Is virtual office legal?

    Oct 03 2017 12:55 AM

    Is virtual office legal?

    The virtual offices are becoming legal when the tenancy contract and Ejari of the location is legally registered with RERA and remains active throughout the year, with a physical presence.

    Validity of the Virtual office in Dubai & Sharjah Validity of any office is required to keep for an year but an office with validity less than year should seek alternative offices.

    Cost of Virtual offices The cost of such virtual offices ... Read More

    Why Business in sharjah ?

    Oct 03 2017 12:56 AM

    There are some very real and distinct advantages to doing business in Sharjah.Sharjah is the industrial heartland of the UAE. The Sharjah Chamber of Commerce plays a leading role in promoting business in the emirate. It offers technical advice and conducts feasibility studies, helping fledging businesses overcome barriers and develop to their potential. The investor can run the business without the day-to-day interference of the local national partner.Easy to open global corporate bank accounts ... Read More

    How to start a new business in Sharjah

    Oct 03 2017 12:58 AM

    Business set up in sharjah LLC is the most common company formation in Sharjah.

    The main advantages of LLC in Sharjah are There is no deposit customs policy for cargo in transit between Sharjah seaports and the SAIF zone, being an advantage for trading LLC unlike other emirates. There is a Unique location advantage with 3 sea ports and an airport. Lower operating costs. While foreign equity in the company may not exceed 49%, profit an ... Read More

    Advantages of company registration in Sharjah

    Jan 11 2018 02:32 AM

    Starting company in Sharjah is an excellent alternative to incorporating in Dubai, with the same geographical advantages as its neighbor emirate. If properly structured, Company registration in Sharjah is an excellent way to legitimately book international profits without paying local corporation tax. In addition, Sharjah company registration attracts no personal or import/export taxes. Free zones such as the Hamriyah Free Zone are attractive for entrep ... Read More

    How to Form an LLC in Sharjah, UAE

    Oct 03 2017 12:58 AM

    First get the Initial approval of the trade name and activity of the LLC by the Sharjah Economic Development Department. Prepare the Draft Articles of Association and notarization before the Notary Public at the Sharjah Courts. Submit the Application Form to the Sharjah Economic Development Department along with the notarized Articles of Association and a Sharjah bank certificate. Register your Company with the Trade License and Commercial Registration Department of the Sharjah Economic Developm ... Read More

Business set up in Abu Dhabi
A limited liability company (L.L.C) is a popular legal structure for setting up a local business in UAE. A LLC setup in Abu Dhabi can be formed with 49% shareholding of foreign partner whereas 51% shareholding has to be in favour of a local U.A.E resident.
How To Start A New Business In The Emirate Of Abu Dhabi