This is the part of legal compliance to have the Trade license renewed every year. The trade license renewal affects and helps your corporate transactions smooth. There are different ways to renew the company.
     A company registered in the emirates of Dubai , Sharjah or any other emirates needs to have a proper office which is registered in Real Estate Regulatory Authority to become the contract authenticated and renew the license.
    PRO service in Sharjah helps the any company to get it renewed faster in Sharjah. The cost of PRO service in Dubai is comparatively high but the process takes place much faster than any other emirates due technology applications. There are efficient PRO service companies registered and running in the emirates. The client must be diligent while choosing a professional company to get assistance. This company must be an experienced one and has to have proven track record in the field of PRO services.
    The PRO service is the part of jobs provided by any professional company. Mostly such sort of companies are registered to provide services in the fields such as :
    1. PRO services
    2. Company formation services
    3. Due diligence services
    4. Corporate Litigations services
    5. Legal and compliance audits
    6. Structuring and restructuring services

    Ideally a company needs only PRO services to renew the company. The impact of non-renewal of companies affects indirectly the files of Local sponsors.

    The local sponsors will not be able to support new companies to get registered with them as a local sponsor if other company registered in his name is blocked or not renewed. Therefore, it is important to renew the trade license every year. The transaction in the places like Ministry of Labour, Immigration, Municipality etc will get affected, if the trade license not renewed.

    Cosmo Hub Management Consultancy provides efficient PRO services for all types of companies to register and renew their companies.

Business set up in Abu Dhabi
A limited liability company (L.L.C) is a popular legal structure for setting up a local business in UAE. A LLC setup in Abu Dhabi can be formed with 49% shareholding of foreign partner whereas 51% shareholding has to be in favour of a local U.A.E resident.
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