Why Business in sharjah ?

  • Why Business in sharjah ?

    There are some very real and distinct advantages to doing business in Sharjah.Sharjah is the industrial heartland of the UAE. The Sharjah Chamber of Commerce plays a leading role in promoting business in the emirate. It offers technical advice and conducts feasibility studies, helping fledging businesses overcome barriers and develop to their potential. The investor can run the business without the day-to-day interference of the local national partner.Easy to open global corporate bank accounts following Sharjah LLC set up.These are some of the main advantages of starting business in sharjah.

Business set up in Abu Dhabi
A limited liability company (L.L.C) is a popular legal structure for setting up a local business in UAE. A LLC setup in Abu Dhabi can be formed with 49% shareholding of foreign partner whereas 51% shareholding has to be in favour of a local U.A.E resident.
How To Start A New Business In The Emirate Of Abu Dhabi